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General Windows Shortcut Keys

F1 - Universal Help key - Works in all Microsoft based programs

F2 - Rename files or Folders

F3 - Opens up the Find dialogue

F5 - Refresh contents in current application

Winkey & D - This will mimimise all windows you have open and take you to the

desktop. by pressing it again this can be reversed

Winkey & E - This will open up the Windows Explorer file browser window

Winkey & TAB - This will cycle through open programs through the taskbar.

Winkey & F - This will open up the windows search feature

Winkey & CTRL & F - This will open up the search for computers window.

Winkey & F1 - This will open up the Microsoft Help and Support Centre

Winkey & R - This will bring up the run box dialogue

Winkey & L - This will lock the computer and take you to the sign in screen

General Editing Keys

ALT & F - Opens up the file menu

ALT & E - Opens up the edit menu

Ctrl & A - Highlights all text

Ctrl & C - Copys highlighted selected text

Ctrl & X -Cuts highlighted selected text

Ctrl & V - Pastes text from clipboard into document

Ctrl & Z - Reverses last action

Ctrl & P - Brings up the print dialogue

Ctrl & B - Enbolden Text

Ctrl & I - Place text in italics

Ctrl & U - Underline text

Insert - Toggles between overtype mode and normal mode

Ctrl & Insert - Copys selected text

Shift & Delete - Cuts highlighted selected text

Shift & Insert - Pastes text from clipboard into document

Shift & Home - Selects the text from current cursor position to beggining of line

Shift & End - Selects the text from current cursor position to end of line

Ctrl & Left Arrow - Move the cursor backword one word

Ctrl & Right Arrow - Move the cursor forward one word

Home Key - Goes to beggining of current line

End Key - Goes to end of current line

Ctrl & Home - Goes to top of document

Ctrl & End - Goes to end of document

Other Misc Keys

Alt & Tab - Cycles through current open applications

Alt & F4 - Closes the current open application

Ctrl & Escape - Brings up the start menu

Shift & Del - When deleting a selected highlighted item - this will bypass the recycle bin

Holding Shift Key - While inserting a CD/DVD will bypass the auto play feature

F8 - While pressing this key on boot up will bring you to the boot up options screen - handy for entering safe mode