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data type description header
int8_t signed 8 bit integer <sys/types.h>
uint8_t unsigned 8 bit integer <sys/types.h>
int16_t signed 16 bit integer <sys/types.h>
uint16_t unsigned 16 bit integer <sys/types.h>
int32_t signed 32 bit integer <sys/types.h>
uint32_t unsigned 32 bit integer <sys/types.h>
sa_family_t address family of socket address structure <sys/socket.h>
socklen_t length of socket address structure (normally uint32_t) <sys/socket.h>
in_addr_t IPv4 address, normally uint32_t <netinet/in.h>
in_port_t TCP or UDP port, normally uint16_t <netinet/in.h>